Headaches & Chronic Pain

Lady that looks in pain with a headache

Work or studying can be a real pain in the neck -- literally!  Frequent, annoying pain between your shoulder blades and spine, and a persistent feeling of tension everywhere in your upper body... sound familiar?  This pain often is accompanied by a nagging headache that radiates from the neck/base of the skull.  It is believed that the majority of headaches experienced in the United States are tension headaches. Tension headaches are primarily caused by contracted neck and scalp muscles. 

Lady receiving a massage, their therapist is focusing on her neck

How do you know if that's the kind of headache you experience? 

Here are some tell-tale signs:  

  • Dull (not throbbing) pressure in the head
  • It may feel like your head is in a vise 
  • The headaches are not specific, the pain is all over  
  • The pain is more persistent in the scalp, temples, back of the neck, and shoulders

Unfortunately, many people suffer from these headaches chronically (two or more times a week for a period of weeks or months).   

Lady happy and smiling and feeling better after receiving the headache massage!

 Good news -- we have designed a specific massage to address the cause of tension headaches and upper body discomfort, as well as relieve it. 

The Headache Massage is a 90-minute session, in which we will: 


  • release painful neck and shoulder muscles via Trigger Point therapy 
  • use stretching techniques to restore function to the affected muscles
  • massage the affected muscles
  • massage the jaw to balance and relieve symptoms of TMJ disorder 
  • relieve pressure in the head with a scalp and face massage
  • use customized aromatherapy for effective topical pain relief 
  • analyze postural issues contributing to your pain and/or headaches
  • customize stretches and postural adjustments to help support the bodies natural ability to heal itself​