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East Lansing's leader in convenient, affordable & effective massage therapy

East Lansing's leader in convenient, affordable & effective massage therapy

East Lansing's leader in convenient, affordable & effective massage therapyEast Lansing's leader in convenient, affordable & effective massage therapy


Q:  Is your scheduling system up-to-date?

A:  Yes, our online scheduling is "real-time" -- if an appointment time shows as available, it is available.  Please keep in mind, an appointment showing on Google "Book Now" may not be available -- always check our scheduling site to be sure. Note: Couples massages CANNOT be booked online (please call).   

Q:  Can I just call to schedule?
A:  Of course you can!    

​Q:  Why do I have to answer all of those questions to book an appointment?
A:  Actually, that is just our standard intake form that must be completed prior to receiving your first massage at Health and Harmony.  It may seem long, but actually it can usually be completed in five minutes or less.  Having the intake form out of the way ahead of time allows us time to look over your file so we can get right to the massage when you arrive at the office. We use this information to help us customize your massage so we can work on you safely and effectively.  

Q:  I'm having trouble navigating through the scheduling site, what do I do?
A:  On each screen, you have to make a selection (such as location, service, therapist, etc).  After you have made your selection, click the blue 'Next' button in the lower right hand corner.

Q:  How do I know if my appointment went through?
A:  You will receive an email and/or text confirming that you have created an account (the first time you sign in) and a confirmation for anything you book or purchase (such as a package or a membership) thereafter.  If you DO NOT receive a confirmation e-mail and/or text, we did not receive your information.

Q: Do I have to get undressed for a massage?

A:  We typically have patients undress for massage, as clothes are a hindrance for massage, especially for deep tissue work. You will be draped with a blanket and sheet and at no time will any private (swimsuit) areas be exposed. That being said, if this conflicts with your religious and/or cultural customs or is just uncomfortable to you, you're welcome to leave your clothes on. In that case, loose fitting clothing with a smooth texture is preferred.  

Q: Is your business LGBTQ-friendly?

A: We welcome ALL people through our doors. Same-sex couples are welcome to book couples massage (please don't feel that you must let us know in advance, we're cool, seriously). If you have a specific gender pronoun you would like us to use, let us know. If we don't get our vocab right, please educate us.

Q:  Do I have to pay before my massage?
A:  You can pay in advance if you wish, but it is not required.  On the screen that asks for payment information, simply unclick the button on the upper right that says "I want to pay now" and select "I want to pay when I visit" instead.

Q.  If I buy a package or membership, can I share it with someone?
A.  Absolutely!  Just let us know who else will be using your package or membership. Read more about packages and memberships here.

Q.  Can I book a couples massage online?
A.  NO!  We also love to book online, but unfortunately our system does not yet have the capability for booking couples massage online (you cannot circumvent the system and find a way to do it - even if you think you have, you haven't). Couples massage HAS to be booked over the phone.  We have the best couples room and massage in Lansing, East Lansing or Okemos! Trust us, it's worth the call - you'll love it!

Q.  Can I buy a gift certificate online?
A.  Yes!  Click here.  If you are not an existing patient (and don't plan on becoming one), ignore the 'New Customer' section (it will make you fill out a whole profile).  Instead, connect to a Facebook account or click 'Don't have an account? Sign up' to avoid filling out the full profile. You can also purchase a gift certificate over the phone that will be mailed or emailed.

Q.  How do I check my Rewards Points balance?
A.  Use our full scheduling site and click on the 'Rewards' button at the top.  From here, you can view and redeem your points balance.  

Q.  How can I check my when my next appointment is?
A.  Use our full scheduling site and click on the 'My Schedule' button at the top.  Appointments can be reviewed, changed or cancelled from here.

Q.  Is Health & Harmony available for on-site massage?
A.  We do not make house calls, but we are happy to provide chair or table massage at your corporate event!  Click here for more information.

Still have a question?  Call 517.492.7535 or e-mail us at kim@healthharmonymassage.net