Massage therapist giving an onsite chair massage

Want to leave a positive and lasting impression at your event?

Are you looking for a unique, hands-on approach to lifting spirits and building good will at work? Many companies struggle to find ways to show their employees and clients how much they value their relationship. We have your solution! On-site massages are a great way to add pizzazz to any event or to show a hard-working staff your appreciation! Massage therapy helps relieve tension and reduces pain, as well as gives a boost to employee morale and promotes productivity. Let us rejuvenate your office! 

How does it on-site massage work?

Our Licensed Massage Therapist(s) will come to your business. We provide the supplies and equipment (even music!); you simply provide us with a space to work our magic! We don’t need much room - break rooms, conference rooms or empty cubicles work just fine.


Our rates are as follows:

  • $65 per hour, per therapist (if paid by the company) OR,
  • $20 per 15-minute chair massage (if paid by the employee)
  • $35 per 30-minute table massage (if paid by the employee)

We serve the greater Lansing area (Lansing, East Lansing, Okemos and Haslett). Locations more than 15 minutes from our office will be subject to a travel fee.

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